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"A long flight ahead" by Kristina Alexanderson

"A long flight ahead" by Kristina Alexanderson

I know it's been floating around the web for a while, but Kristina Alexanderson's photography is so stunning, and so emotional. 

Nothing says love like the Ron Swanson Pyramid of Greatness.

minecraft perler beads, whaaaaat? Genius! (Via make magazine) 

no one wouldn't want a Yoda valentine.

Yes. Love. Unless you hate everything bagels. 

I do love a grownup coloring page. 

One day, I will plan ahead and order a custom toy portrait.  

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Trader Joe's made COOKIE BUTTER SANDWICH COOKIES.  The bastards. 

CAN. NOT. WAIT.  Into the fire, higher and higher!

I love a good variety show.  And I mean, NPH was born for this.  

Nostalgia is one thing.  But this essay lays out how your sacred childhood cows aren't so sacred. Doesn't necessarily mean the remake or whatever will be GOOD, but I am looking forward to the Ghostbuster ladies and  I can really get behind Chris Pratt as Indiana Jones.

Love these kind of behind the scenes, how the sausage gets made, of SNL

Man does Jupiter Ascending look like a giant pile of shit.  The costume and makeup design alone is atrocious. Channing Tatum should never be blonde.

An excellent essay at Grantland about critics and historical fiction

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aka, what I did on a snow day.

Stunning art from layered and cut paper. 

Had I thought ahead and actually picked up brown sugar at the store while I was there with the rest of the world buying groceries pre-storm, I could have made this. Now I will just wistfully dream of it.

I love Earl Grey, so I cannot imagine how I would not love bergamot infused vodka.

If only either of my children were into dolls. Oh who am I kidding, I'd make these for me. 

The always brilliant Anne Helen Peterson on It Girls

I like toast, and British food writing. So they are clearly doing this just for me.