Looks like I caved to peer pressure, and am starting this blog here at kumquatmay.net.  After a year or so of having my coworkers nag me into starting a blog, here we are. They wanted me to call it "It's so easy!" because I say that a lot when describing a project or random tip.  But that is a little too 70s country rock, even for me who loves me some Linda Rondstadt.

What is kumquatmay going to be? Yeah, that's a good question.  Frankly, I'm not really sure how to categorize it either.  A little bit of knitting and spinning.  A little bit of cooking and boozy beverages. A bit of the random stuff I find on the interwebs. A bit of the random knowledge I have acquired.

So yeah, I guess I'm starting a blog. Whoo?  Next up, I'll explain the name!