Quiet week . . of illness and links

Quiet, because we were all nearly on our deathbed with the damn stomach bug going around.  First the littlest little, then the bigger little, then me, then JBB.  I'm just waiting for our poor poor sitter to be the next to fall by the wayside. 

But now that I've fully cleaned out the Shop Rite of all the lysol and sanitizing everything and am vertical with solid food again, I have links saved up because what else is there to do when sick but moan and read random shit online?

Think they'll do Leggy Blonde? Even without Murray?

I found these amazing mason jar lids by intelligent lids, with lids for every possible use via Food in Jars. they have a notch for a straw! They are brilliant.

Free streaming TV shows and movies at ShoutFactoryTv!! Really random ones that are all over the place and truly awesome, like MST3K and Miss Firecracker and RHODA people, RHODA! It's like you can see who acquired what companies just by looking at the weird weird mix. 

This is an amazingly elegant solution to smoothing out neckline shaping in handknits at cocoknits.com.  Really genius and simple.