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pretty pretty pretty by  Fringe and Fettle 

pretty pretty pretty by Fringe and Fettle 


Mark Ruffalo is AWESOME.  "Ignorant little jerks," indeed!

I love this in air cocktail kit, (go support small biz and buy it here!) and also want to DIY it with my own preferred bitters and bar snacks (spiced nuts? meh) and an altoid tin. 

Related: Maggie Mason's genius way to make travel toiletries with a straw.  You could totally do this for individual packets of sugar or other cocktail mixins.

Also related: guess who just bought a heat sealer? The real question is how did I not have one of these before?

This solution to refilling the soap dispenser is freaking genius.  If only our built in dispenser weren't busted. 

I love a good pottery tray, and these by Fringe and Fettle are stunning.