remember how I went running?

Remember that time I went running? (You should, loyal reader, it was just last week.)

I did it again on Sunday! In the awful heat! And shockingly did not pass out from heat stroke!  Yay!  But I did get a goddamned blister on my heel. Boo!

I don't think it was my shoes--which by the by are the first athletic shoes ever to not make my feet go all pins and needles-y when I run, because I sucked it up and got the less-cute-colored-but-actually-fit-my-feet wides.  But I'm pretty sure it was my damn socks.  Stupid cotton socks.

Luckily there's a running store in town, and the nice folks there directed me to better socks.  I picked up a thin pair and a more padded pair to see what I end up preferring, but I am hoping they'll be better than the crappy wigwam cotton ones I had. 

Now I have to go dig through the boxes of crap I packed up from my office and see if I can find the good blister bandages I kept there.