Jazz hands!

This past spring I took the biggest little to go see a Broadway show--his first!  I thought he might be a bit wary, what with Matilda being very Roald Dahl-y and featuring a main character who, you know, tortures kindergartners.  But nope, kiddo LOVED IT.  In fact, his new favorite song is School Song, the dark song in which the older kids warn the little ones about the Trunchbull.  

And afterwards, he decided he really really really wanted to see more musicals.  JBB played him parts of Into the Woods, and a few other shows, but kiddo wanted more.

Which basically means that this program, where kids can go see musicals for free in January can't come at a better time!  Maybe Aladdin this time? Or Lion King?  Both are impressively staged, so I think he'd dig that...