I ran again! Nearly 3 miles, even.  And I did not want to die (much) or throw up (at all)!  Shocking! And Progress.

I also realized one of the key things for me in keeping this thing going is music.  I need something to distract me from the fact that I am running and it's hot and now I'm sweaty and my ponytail is swinging against the back of my sweaty neck and my legs are getting tired and there's a weird itch on my face because I'm sweating and UGH I HATE THIS. 

It's not just distraction, but it's also keeping a beat going a bit.  I realized, almost by a fluke, that some of the best songs I have on my playlist are random indies that have a relatively driving beat.  Songs like Float On (Modest Mouse), Mr. Tough (Yo La Tengo) and Hey Julie (Fountains of Wayne).  Not really your typical running songs, but there's something about the relatively slow but driving beat that's emphazised by either the singing or the music (no big breaks or pauses), and the fact that I can sing along with them.  

Trying to figure out more of these kinds so I don't OD on one playlist alone, or get sick of the songs, led me to jog.fm.  Searchable by bpm and pace! And big enough that it actually may include some of the weird shit I like! Thank you internets!

Meanwhile, anyone got any suggestions for songs to add?