things that have happened since the last time I posted....

The first day of school!  This was a biggie, in terms of emotions and time suck.  But now the first week is done, and everyone is happy (so far) and there have only been some tears (due to dawdling mostly), and all is well.   And of course today is a holiday, so no school already.  That 4-day school week is becoming a habit already.

My poor old cat decided to get some sort of infection or illness which resulted in him peeing on the bed--with me in it--at 2:30 am the day after JBB left on a business trip.  Ugh.  A vet trip and a godawful amount of money later, he's doing much better, eating, NOT peeing on the bed, and no longer hiding under furniture that needed to be moved to access him.  Poor kitty.  

JBB's birthday!  There was cake! There were presents! It was fun!

I made the plum cake again, like twice times.  In my defense, we had a lot of plums and the cake is really easy.  

I also made banana bread in like 5 minutes last night.  The recipe is so easy, and our bananas were so very overripe.  Next time, I promise, a post about it with pictures.  (Though my family is packed with strange people who don't like walnuts in their banana bread, so it's sans walnuts. Which is just wrong.  And still won't stop me from eating it.)

Halloween costumes were decided on! And thankfully, they are MUCH MUCH EASIER than last year's choice of Darth Vader and baby Luke Skywalker.  I do need to rustle up some special items, but thankfully, not many. 

Knitting progress was made! Finished up neckline shaping and got both sleeve caps done on Sans Serif. I even bought BUTTONS people.  There's really no reason this can't be done by Rhinebeck.  Theoretically.

I realized that the special order I'd made of Carbonz double pointed needles came in wrong.  I'd ordered a set of size 8 and size 6.  Guess what I got? Two sets of size 8s.  Which means that I will not be starting the sleeves of Sans Serif quite yet. But soon.