A new toy (from Akerworks spindles)

I warned y'all. I'd be getting more of these suckers.

shiny new toy from akerworks


This one is a brand new spindle from Akerworks, who have some of the most beautiful spinning bobbins I've seen created on a 3-d printer in some gorgeous colors and designs!

I mean, really, how can you resist these? 

  They've recently created a line of modular spindles, using their 3-D printed designs for the interchangeable whorls, and carbon fiber for the shafts.  The whole thing is quite genius--you can pick the whorl size and color, and get various different shafts as well, so you can spin a bunch onto one shaft, then swap out the whorl on top to another shaft and keep on spinning.

Also, pretty pretty colors. Mine is dark teal. they have a bajillon options.

3-d printing is like magic, and I love that practitioners of one of the oldest known crafts are also some of the most innovative users of  modern tech.