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Food52's examination of who makes the best black and white cookies is so up my husband's alley. Though not up my alley. They are not cookies, they are cakes, and bleh.  (By the way, he says the best ones are by some place in the Bronx.  I'm sure he'll comment to tell you all. HINT HINT.)

Most self striping yarns are dyed to work for socks, not shawls. Caterpillargreen self striping shawl yarn is genius--they dyed their base yarns so you get perfect stripes as you knit your top down shawl.  

No one gives a bad review quite like KirkusSick burns, the best of Kirkus Reviews.  And those who know me, yes, the best bad review of all made the cut.

Oooh, fancy shelf paper makes me want to rearrange things.