linky links! Organizing stuff

I had nugget ice in the hospital where I delivered both kids. It is the SHIT, man! I don't know that I'd get this, but I understand the urge.

Confession time:  I would like nothing more than to sort the biggest little's Legos by color and then by shape.  I am also the person who wants to complete a set and NEVER have it taken apart. Yes, I do identify with Lord Business in the Lego Movie, why do you ask? (I mean, did you SEE his bin setup? Sweet.) So that's why I don't play with Legos.  However, this sorting machine would be my favorite ever.   

Speaking of sorting and organization . . . my affinity for Martha Stewart is well known.  And here is her cleaned up craft room. Covet. 

This playroom is probably a bit more "blogger organized" than anything we have will ever be--my kids put things away for the most part, but would also tear this place to shreds. I do like some of her tips and tricks--thick foam core wrapped in paper or fabric for dividers, and the link through to a puzzle pouch tutorial are great ideas