Wow, I am truly a slacker

I haven't posted since February?  And now it's end of May (and brutally hot out to boot)?  SLAAAAACKER. I guess technically I've been doing other things, just not here, exactly.  But still. I need to get into the habit a bit more.

Anyway, want to see what I've made recently? I've got some knitting on the needles that I really need to finish up, but have been doing some bigger weaving projects.  If you follow me on instagram, you've seen these all before.  And I finally figured out how best to photograph them, so you can see in reverse order, the improvement in the quality of pictures. 

Oh, and did I bury the lede there?  I'm taking commissions! If you are interested in a hanging, shoot me a note and let's chat.


A commissioned weave of about 20" across.  The mister took one look and said "I LOVE the Elsa braid in the fringe!"


a commission that just went to its new home.  They'd requested a palette similar to the following weave.

this one really needs its own blog post.  For the school auction, as a classroom project, I went into the classroom and each 2nd grader dyed his or her own mini skein of yarn with food coloring and kool-aid dyes, and then I wove all their yarns into a large (30" across! prob 45" long with the fringe?) tapestry. 

8" round weave, done with the leftovers from the big one for the school auction.  This one I gave to the teacher for the classroom to have.

all roving little weave, maybe 10x8?

this one I made a while ago.  But he sure is cute, no? We are being mean queens here.

look I made a hat!

Not a hat. Almost a muppet.

Not a hat. Almost a muppet.

Well, almost a hat.  And in fact, probably not going to wind up a hat, maybe socks? Or a shawl?  I don't know yet.

JBB suggested doing a stuffed muppety dinosaur with it, because muppet colors.  But I'm not sure a fingering weight handspun would work, plus I'm wary of how the gradient would work up on a figure.  I'll think about it anyway.

This is the December 14 Spunky Eclectic club fiber (4oz, BFL superwash), spun on a spindle and then chain plied on the same spindle to keep the color gradient. It goes from Big Bird to Zoe to Elmo to Tully to Rosita to Grover. 

I figured out chain plying! Which is apparently more advanced than I'd anticipated! But also pretty straightforward when you figure it out.  I pulled long loops of the single through loops, essentially making a big ole loose crochet chain, and wound that into a plying ball. then I added twist with the spindle from the plying ball.  If none of these words make sense to you, here's a tutorial on chain plying from Craftsy. It has pictures that might help. 

I was expecting this to come out more as a light worsted weight yarn, since this is a chain ply--so a three ply--but I guess my singles were way lighter than I'd realized.  Which actually makes me very glad that I did not do my original plan of spinning the other 4oz I have and making a 2-ply yarn.  

Speaking of that other 4oz . . . I am thinking that I'll split it in half, and try to spin that to about a worsted weight two-ply, then maybe make mitts or a hat? Suggestions anyone?

I'm going to wind up with a million spindles, aren't I....


Honestly, I blame my cousin.

We went to Rhinebeck in October--my first time there!--and she was all, oh, do you want to learn to spin? Super casually, of course. DESPITE KNOWING IT WAS LIKE CRACK. 

One spindle and two bumps of hand dyed blue faced leicester later, she showed me how to begin with a leader, give the spindle a good solid twirl and then park it between my knees and draft out the fiber.  Addicted.





My very first handspun, wildly uneven but pretty! It took me a while to decide what to make out of it.  A while and 4 oz of green BFL top, a membership in the Spunky Eclectic fiber club, and a stack of hand dyed silk hankies later.... 








And now, I'm spending lunch looking at Golding ring spindles, rim weighted with brass and metals and with amazing carvings on the whorls.  Would you LOOK at these amazing things? Who wouldn't want one?

Yeah, I'm going to wind up with at least one.  Any bets on how long before I get a wheel?