let this be a lesson to me

Sans serif continues...

goddamnit.  Also, inadvertent shoe selfie!

So would it be weird to have a hem at the bottom of a sweater with  ribbed button bands? 

It would, right?  Crap, I need to rip back the last inch and half of the sans serif body and start the damn ribbing, don't I?

Until I busted out the measuring tape the other night, I thought I was way behind on the sans serif if I expected to be done by Rhinebeck.  I'd done the sleeve caps (that's a whole separate post that will be forthcoming) and then put the sleeves on hold to finish up the body, since I knew that would be my time suck of a challenge.  As much as I love stockinette, I get bored of the purl rows--if it were in the round and it was just lovely lovely knit for ages, I'd be happy as a clam.  But switching to purl? UGH whine!

So I powered through, but forgot to check the measurments on the sweater I'm attempting to replace--it's slightly cropped. Which means an underarm to hem length of 13"--FINISHED.  

Guess where I'm at with the sweater?  That's right. 13", with no finished edge.

If I were doing a hem, I'd just do a purl row, switch to smaller needles and knit the hem facing and be done with it.  But that's going to be weird with a ribbed band.  

Goddamnit. Ripping back. UGH. 

(note to future self: 3/4 sleeves! 11"! Don't forget!!)