photo prints

My grandmother, my mom's mom, asked for photos of her kids for Christmas (or birthday--honestly, I have no idea which) presents. And so my mom enlisted me and JBB to take pictures of her when we were on vacation between Christmas and New Years

It went well! I now have fifty zillion pictures of my mom making weird faces on my phone, and about ten really good pictures of her.  Normally, I would have just used instagram to futz with the photo, but mom and Oma wanted an honest to god 5x7 normal picture and not one of our fancypants newfangled square format ones. 

DIGRESSION: Where the hell are all the square format picture frames? SERIOUSLY PEOPLE.  I will give you money for decent 4x4 picture frames. 

And because I am lazy and do everything on my phone (and have no idea how to actually use photoshop), I also futzed with it using my favorite non-instagram photo futzing app, pixlr

DIGRESSION 2: It's a little terrifying to me, the olds, that I don't use a digital camera anymore, I just use my phone.  And that my phone has a far far better camera than any camera I've owned, ever.

So back to the problem: now we need to get an actual print of it. And my go-to place for instagram prints, Print Studio (formerly Prinstagram), doesn't do normal proportion prints.  But I love their super thick card stock paper, matte finish, so I'm looking for other places to print pics that have that and are not Shutterfly or Snapfish.

Anyone got any suggestions?