"I'm lazy..."

I say that a lot, and I honestly think it's true. I am pretty damn lazy.  

But I also do an awful lot of stuff.  As JBB points out--often--I don't have a problem finding something to do, ever.  

Yet, still, I consider myself lazy. (I mean in college I  very often convinced my suite mate to turn off my overhead light for me as she was walking by, because I didn't want to get up. She did it because she is a lovely and kind person.) Hard work is HAAAARRRRD.  

I finally realized a few things today when I saw this Thought Catalog piece posted on facebook.  First, I am so not "very overdriven but also very lazy," as described by TC, as not many of the descriptives outlined there applied to me. Second, one piece of wording jumped out at me as truth:  I am NOT actually lazy, I do things that don't feel like hard work to me.  

For example, one time I was out of tissue paper and working on something involving decoupage.  It was rainy and evening, and there was no way I was going to actually bother getting dressed to go out and purchase tissue paper to complete this project, because EFFORT.  And so I painted some coffee filters to get the color and effect I wanted.  Easy! Some may say that's a lot more effort than buying paper.  I say I didn't have to move or put on pants, and there was no need to put the project on hold. Lazy! 

Also in this ilk? Hand whipping cream because I am too lazy to wash the mixer bowl.