Another mug

So the spring session of pottery has wrapped up, which means I now have a bunch of pieces back with me.  I've been working on mug forms, because handles are a pain in the ass and clay shrinkage is also a pain in the ass, and I will figure this out if it kills me.  

But I came out of these last few classes with two mugs that I'm very pleased with.  Today, mug the first, aka, a seaweed mug.

the seaweed mug.  shows the variations, but not quite nailing it on color. But, ooh, look at my filthy porch newel post!

This is the same glaze combo as yesterday's bowl, and the first of these older mugs--one dip chambray, one dip frosted moss.

inside the seaweed mug.  Can't quite see the true blue pool in the bottom.

I'm pretty happy with the size and form of this mug as well.  The handle sits nicely, and isn't too thin or too chunky for my taste.  The body is big enough to hold a giant cup of coffee, and I'm happy with the points of attachment on the handle, with the thumb rest doodad and the little roll at the bottom.

most accurate to color, and shows the pooling around the details and the glaze catch. Also, my lawn!

I'd done a glaze catch at the bottom while trimming the foot, and it's a damn good thing I did with this glaze.  Even though I thinned out the glaze on the bottom of the body after the second dip and wiping the foot clean of extra glaze, it still ran a ton, and puddled blue right at the catch.  Also note my thumbprint which the glaze ran clear over.  

Those lighter areas look at first like places where the glaze is thin or broke too much over the edge, but they're still pretty smooth to the touch.  It definitely broke hard on the edges of the handle though.