and mug the second

And here's the second mug, coming from the spring 2015 session of my pottery class.

This one is a much frostier green, but still has a bit of a sheen to it, and isn't pure matte.  This one also pools blue because SHOCKER I choose green and blue glaze combos. 

This is another runny but really pretty combo: standard pottery pale seaweed, topped with a dip of moss.  Moss is a semi-matte, almost like velvet, and pale seaweed is a pale frosty matte mint that can puddle bright blue and glossy.  Together the chemistry turns them into this combo, which I find lovely.  

please to note, you can also see where I whacked the mug off kilter where I attached the handle.  Oops.

Again, you can't quite see the blue puddle in the bottom, but trust, it's there. 

This is another mug where I purposefully created a glaze catch while trimming the foot, just to give the glaze runs a place to pool and collect and (hopefully) not run all the way down the foot and fuse the bugger to the shelf.