I've been doing so well, for me at least, with the running.  I went three times last week! My main route (I have a MAIN ROUTE you guys!) is just down to the end of my street, back, and down to the other end of my street and back.  It's about 3.1 miles all told, though with at least one bastard hill.

The first run was that route, start to finish.  Took a day off, then ran again, stopping at about 2 miles because it was hot and disgusting and I figured my neighbors probably wouldn't appreciate me passing out on their lawn and dying there.  Then the third one was Saturday, and I went the first chunk with the biggest little.  Which: he can walk as fast as I run.  And he's a WHINER (as am I so no surprise there).  He really wants to do the Montclair Bread Company's donut run in December with me, so I was like, ok, let's start practicing.  He did well, though was like, whaddya mean I have to keep up with you? Then realized that he could easily keep up with me by walking.  We did the short leg of the route, stopped by the house and then JBB took the littles to the farther park, and I ran there to meet them.  I didn't mind the change of route, but I'm not sure I'd follow the same way again.  All told, it was about 3.25 miles, with a bunch of walking in there.

But I've hit a stumbling block: my right knee is sore.  Sore like I fell on it, though not all the time.  Which to me suggests I overdid it.  Damnit.  I'm not good at this balance thing, of doing it enough to create a habit but not enough to overdo it.

I mean, I get that's why the C25K program has you go slow and alternate running and walking.  But if I stop running to say, walk up that BASTARD hill, it's nigh impossible to get going again. Inertia! That's my problem all around. Stupid laws of physics apply to my habits as well.

Poo.  I'm going to go torture myself with the foam roller for a while and see if that helps.