It's September, ugh

How is it September anyway?  School's still not in session for us until the day after Labor Day, so there's one more week of freedom and chaos.  Soon to be replaced by an entirely different form of chaos, that is scheduling.

Biggest Little's King of the monsters, from his pottery camp this summer.  

Now, I don't think I'm an overscheduler, everyone must have 18 million zillion activities, but I realized this week that the biggest little has a ton of activities going on.  

On the sports side he is not big on the team sports, to say the least.  Which of course makes me want to get him into doing a team sport, because damnit, I had to do one.  Currently, he's doing taekwon do and tennis.  He's been doing taekwon do at a local school for a bit over a year and it's been awesome for him.  It's twice a week, though.  Each class is essentially a drop in so it is flexible, but it's something to account for.  Tennis is a once a week thing, and this session I think it'll be either Fridays or Sunday afternoons.  And then there's swim lessons, which I don't count as a sport but as a "required if you want to live" thing (also on Sunday).  He just took a try-it lesson for fencing, which I freaking LOVE the idea of.  He was the youngest in the studio by a number of a years, which to me isn't a bad thing.  

And then there's other stuff.  He did a two week pottery camp, and loved it, so I signed him up for an afterschool class for the fall.  Then he decided he wants to learn guitar, or drums, or guitar... the decision changes daily, or really, hourly.  The School of Rock near us offers a weekly class for kids his age group to try out a bunch of different things, so that's an option as well. 

And then once schools starts, there's an afterschool program through the PTA that offers classes, and I know he'll want to do one of those. 

All this adds up to a packed schedule.  So much for the "I won't overschedule my kid" thing.  Eh, he could still put off fencing or music til later. 

Thank god we didn't sign up for soccer, too. I have no idea how I'm going to keep track of this easily. Oh wait, sure I do: OFFICE SUPPLIES!  Yay!