Mmm... Bread...

For mother's day, JBB got me the bread of the month subscription from our local, highly-acclaimed, New York Times- AND Mindy Kaling-approved bakery, Montclair Bread Company.  

Run by the amazing and talented Rachel Crampsey, MBC is one of the best places in town. They've built a fantastic reputation as THE place for doughnuts. But their bread, holy shit is their bread out of this world!

This month, we got a potato-rye made with lager (and could not wait to cut into it, as seen in the photo), a brioche sandwich loaf, a rosemary loaf, four pretzel rolls, and a gorgeous looking rhubarb-ginger jam.

JBB followed the suggestion and made an amazing grilled cheese with the rye, sharp cheddar, and Dijon mustard.

I promptly stole it. 

Then he made french toast with the brioche, and we ate the rest as regular toast.  

Next up? Rosemary loaf!